Divisional (U13-U18)

Divisional (U13-U18)

Divisional soccer involves league play with teams across the lower mainland in five different regional districts (5 District League). BGSC offers teams at all levels from Division 1 to Division 3.

Teams for the Division One and Two levels are determined through a tryout process in the spring.
These begin in early April and players will need to register in advance through our website.
Tryout dates and times will be posted before Spring Break on our website.

Teams for Division Three are composed of players who have opted not to try out or have not been selected for a higher level team.

All of our Divisional teams practice twice a week on artificial turf fields between 6pm and 9pm.  Practice slots are selected by the team Head Coach from the field allocations that the Club is given by the City. 

The Club provides all team equipment, fields and player uniform. Players are responsible for shin pads, cleats and warm-up and training clothing.

Home games are played on Sundays at Burnaby Central or Byrne Creek turf fields between 9am and 6pm.