Community Outreach

Community Outreach

As part of our role supporting the community of Burnaby, Burnaby Girls Soccer Club believes strongly in giving back to the community in which we play and live.

Our Remembrance Day Tournament annually donates $15 from each team entered.  In November 2017 this resulted in $1095 donated to KidSport Burnaby from the 73 teams entered.

In 2015 we were also given a unique opportunity to fundraise as part of the Women's World Cup celebrations across the country.  Mondelez Canada held a Pride & Joy contest, open to all soccer clubs across the country.  Burnaby Girls was chosen as one of only 50 Clubs to participate for the chance to generate up to $5000 for our Club.  Our members installed an app and shook their phones during our designated World Cup game.  The shaking translated into dollars and by halftime we had raised the maximum of $5000.

BGSC then donated $3000 of these funds to Burnaby KidSport bringing our total donation to them to $4080 for 2015.  As part of our commitment to the work done by KidSport Burnaby, we also feature their logo on the sleeve of our Divisional team jerseys.
$1000 was donated to Burnaby MoreSports, an organization that promotes after school soccer programs at lower income schools in Burnaby.

The remaining $1000 was placed in a fund with BGSC to support needy players at our Club with extra expenses such as training attire, team travel and other extra expenses that arise during the season.

We truly support our philosophy of "A Place for Every Girl to Play"