Our Club History

Our Club History

The Burnaby Girls Soccer Club (BGSC) was formed in the 1991/92 season as a group of parents and coaches interested in promoting girls soccer pushed for separation from the existing boys clubs in Burnaby. The girls from Edmonds, Burnaby Heights, South Burnaby, and Wesburn joined together under the banner of the Burnaby Girls Soccer Club. Holding as its motto “A Place for Every Girl to Play” the club strived to offer a full program including micro soccer, mini soccer, Super 8 and Divisional teams from Division 1 through Division 3.

In the twenty-five years that has followed the club has grown to over 500 players and has sent teams to National Championships, winning 3 times, won Provincial titles at the A and B levels as well as District, and League titles at every level. The club continually promotes all girls having the ability to compete at the level they choose. 

At the U6 and U7 age groups the girls play indoors on the turf at the Canlan 8 Rinks facility.  Practices take place in school gyms under the direction of our Club Technical staff.

By U8 the girls have moved outside and play on the grass on Sundays from U8 to U10 at Riverway Sports Complex with practices at school fields throughout the City.  These age groups are also under the guidance of our Club Technical staff who create and supervise the execution of a year-long development plan tailored to each age group.

Our Select level teams begin in U11 when girls who choose to can be evaluated for one of our Select teams in U11 and U12.  We also offer House level for girls who choose continue at a recreational level.

U13 is when Divisional play begins.  The girls now play 11 a side on a full field.  The majority of these games and practices take place on Burnaby high school turf fields. Divisional play continues right through to U18.

The Club places paramount importance on the skill development of both our players and Coaches at all levels.  The Club Technical staff offers a weekly skills academy along with an invitational Prospects program in addition to Goalkeeping Academy and team development plans for all age groups.

Coach certification follows the BC Soccer pathway and the Club provides these programs at no cost to our Coaches.  Mentorship and guidance of our coaches begins as early as our U6 Coaches.  These volunteer team coaches are an integral part of the success of our Club.

The Technical staff also runs a Coaching mentorship program geared to teaching our older players how to become involved with Coaching and encouraging them to ‘give back’ by assisting and coaching our younger players.

In November the Club hosts the largest one day sports event in Burnaby, our long running BGSC Remembrance Day Tournament.  This one day event features over 75 teams and 1100 players at the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex.  Teams play 7 aside games followed by shootout stations and is a phenomenal showcase of girls’ soccer.  Past events have featured appearances by members of our Canadian Women’s Soccer team including Christine Sinclair, Karina LeBlanc, Melissa Tancredi, Rhian Wilkinson and Diana Matheson.

We at the BGSC remain proud of our accomplishments and the traditions started by those founders years ago. We will remain committed to their vision, and thank all of those who have volunteered to organize, coach, and assist, in all forms to make the BSGC the force it remains today. We are Burnaby's only All Girls Soccer Club and will always be “A Place for Every Girl to Play”.