Documents & Forms

Key Word(s)

  BGSC-Referee-Fees-2022-2023.pdf BGSC Referee Fees - 2022/2023
  BGSC Game Report Form.docx BGSC Game Report - Referee
  BGSC Ref & A.Ref. Form.pdf BGSC Referee and Assistant Application Form
  BGSC Ref & A.Ref. Form.pdf BGSC Referee & Assistant Referee Form
  Referee Cautions Report Form.doc Referee Cautions Report
  BGSC Referee Evaluation Form.doc Referee Evaluation
  Referee Sending Off Report.doc Referee Sending off Report

  Blank-Coaching-Application-form-2019-20.pdf BGSC Coaching Application Form
  BGSC-Coaches-Code-of-Conduct.pdf BGSC Team Officials Code of Conduct - Head Coach, Assistant Coach(es), Manager, Team Representatives
  BGSC-CRC-Letter-2020-21.pdf BGSC Volunteer Letter for Criminal Record Check
  CRC-Instructions-BGSC-June2019-20.pdf Burnaby resident instructions for obtaining a criminal records check (CRC) through the RCMP
Field Information

  Fields.pdf List of City of Burnaby Fields
  Riverway Fields Map.jpg Riverway Sports Complex Facility Map
  Bby Lake West Site Map.pdf Burnaby Lake West Facility Map
  Kensington_park_site_plan.pdf Kensington Park Facility Map
  FieldLiningDiagrams.pdf Information on field layout and line dimensions
Player Development

  BGSC-U11-U12-Strength-and-Conditioning-Program-Nov2015.pdf U11/U12 Strength and Conditioning program
  BGSC-SAQ-Jan2016-U10-under-Strength-and-Conditioning-Program.pdf U10 and under Strength and Conditioning program

  BGSC Payment Requisition.doc Payment Requisition document
  BGSC-Scholarship-Application-Revised-Feb25.pdf BGSC Graduating Player Scholarship Application

  BGSC Constitution and Bylaws_May 2019.pdf Constitution dated June, 1992 (with amendments dated July, 1994) and Bylaws dated June 6, 2013 (with amendments dated January 2019)
  AGM 2019 PP Presentation.pptx Power Point Presentation at 2019 AGM
  Certificate of Incorporation.pdf Certificate of Incorporation dated June, 1992
Policies & Procedures

  Policy - Concussion Return to Play (March 2015).pdf BGSC Concussion Return to Play Policy (March 2015)
  Air-Quality-Guideline-BC-Soccer.pdf BC Soccer Air Quality guidance document
  IFAB-Law-Changes-Q&A-Sept2016.pdf IFAB - Revision of the Laws of the Game - Questions and Answers
  Summary-of-Law-Changes-Law-by-Law-Sept2016.pdf IFAB - Summary of IFAB Law of the game Changes
  Policy - Club Uniforms.pdf BGSC - Uniform Policy
  Policy - Discipline Procedure Guidelines.pdf BGSC - Discipline Procedure Guidelines
  Policy - High Goal Differential.pdf BGSC - High Goal Differential
  Policy - Member Submission.pdf BGSC - Member Submission
  Policy - Playing Time Allocation.pdf BGSC - Playing Time Allocation
  Policy - Coaching Requirements.pdf BGSC - Coaching Requirements
  Policy - Formation of House Teams.pdf BGSC - Formation of House Teams
  Policy - Sponsorship.pdf BGSC - Sponsorship
  Policy - Player Recruitment & Out-of-District-Players.pdf BGSC - Player Recruitment / Out of District Players
  Policy - Refund R3.pdf BGSC - Refund Policy
  Policy - Privacy.pdf BGSC - Privacy Policy
Parent Info

  Resources - Concussion Info.docx.pdf BC Soccer Concussion Info for Parents/Players
  Parent-Code-of-Conduct-R0.pdf BGSC youth soccer parent Code of Conduct.