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  IFAB-Law-Changes-Q&A-Sept2016.pdf IFAB - Revision of the Laws of the Game - Questions and Answers
  Summary-of-Law-Changes-Law-by-Law-Sept2016.pdf IFAB - Summary of IFAB Law of the game Changes
  Policy - Concussion Return to Play (March 2015).pdf BGSC Concussion Return to Play Policy (March 2015)
  Air-Quality-Guideline-BC-Soccer.pdf BC Soccer Air Quality guidance document
  Policy - Club Uniforms.pdf BGSC - Uniform Policy
  Policy - Discipline Procedure Guidelines.pdf BGSC - Discipline Procedure Guidelines
  Policy - High Goal Differential.pdf BGSC - High Goal Differential
  Policy - Member Submission.pdf BGSC - Member Submission
  Policy - Playing Time Allocation.pdf BGSC - Playing Time Allocation
  Policy - Coaching Requirements.pdf BGSC - Coaching Requirements
  Policy - Formation of House Teams.pdf BGSC - Formation of House Teams
  Policy - Sponsorship.pdf BGSC - Sponsorship
  Policy - Player Recruitment & Out-of-District-Players.pdf BGSC - Player Recruitment / Out of District Players
  Policy - Refund R3.pdf BGSC - Refund Policy
  Policy - Privacy.pdf BGSC - Privacy Policy