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Graduating BGSC player now can stay with our club by playing Women's soccer with our senior club the BGSC Canadians FC.  The Canadians are a blend of the Burnaby Canadians FC and Burnaby Girls Soccer Club Women's teams. These teams play under the Metro Women's Soccer League during the same soccer season as our BGSC girls. BGSC encourages our girls to continue playing soccer with our women's teams and hope that one day, they will return as coaches and mentors.

If you are interested in joining a BGSC Canadians FC women's team, please check our Club Contacts page for our Women's Liaison information.

In the News

Burnaby Girls and Canadians Women Merge
Tom Berridge, Burnaby Now
Published: Saturday, August 22, 2009

The unification of the Burnaby Girls Soccer Club and the women's Burnaby Canadians FC has added an unexpected ninth team to the merger.

Starting in September, the newly named Burnaby Girls Soccer Club Canadians FC will field a team in the premier division of the West Coast Women's Soccer League.

The team is tentatively named and is made up of six original players from one of the Burnaby Girls club's most successful youth teams - the Jazz.

"The opportunity is very good for us right now," said Canadians president Dick Fryatt, who, along with club director Ed Kennedy, first approached Burnaby Girls president Leo de Sousa last year with the idea of combining the women's arm of both programs. "There are so many girls with Burnaby Girls who have gone elsewhere. It really rounds out the program nicely."

The unified club will field three teams in the premier B, or selects division this season - the Selects, the Tigers and the Shock, which won promotion from Div. 1 last season.

The Rush will campaign in Div. 2, while the under-21 Dynamite team earned promotion to Div. 3 this year.

The Wolfs will remain in the more recreational fourth division.

The club colours will remain the red and white of Burnaby Girls, but some of the established Canadians teams will keep their blue uniforms until they are ready to buy new ones. The premier team will don new red-and-white kit.

"Going with red and white from the Burnaby Girls, which is so recognizable, and red traditionally has been the soccer colours in Burnaby, it just made good sense. We want to stick with Burnaby tradition and build on it," Fryatt said.

The cradle-to-grave idea of the Burnaby Girls youth program becoming a feeder system for the women appealed to both parties.

Both clubs would also benefit from better field times and allotments. The city's 60 per cent eligibility rule will also become less of an issue once the merger becomes more established.

The only obvious drawback was the possible team loyalties some players would carry into adulthood and some non-traditional game and practice times.

"When we sat down and started to compare notes, we agreed it was a pretty good thing to do," Fryatt added.

"It's an improvement for Burnaby kids. They have finally come home. Over the years when they get blended, you will see a solid girls' presence in Burnaby. The leadership of the club is an encouraging thing as well," said de Sousa, who will sit on the new club board as a director.

Merger Announcement

Merger Announcement  
Burnaby Girls Soccer Club and Burnaby Canadians FC Merge - April 2009

We are proud to announce the formation of the BGSC Canadians FC women's soccer club. The newly branded club will build on the historically successful programs of the Burnaby Canadians FC and the strong and developing programs of the Burnaby Girls Soccer Club to build and grow women's soccer in the City of Burnaby. The two club executive committees unanimously approved the merger of the Burnaby Girls Soccer Club women's program and the Burnaby Canadians FC program in March 2009. This is an exciting development for women's soccer in Burnaby. The new club will be fielding 8 teams (4 from BGSC and 4 from the Canadians) with the possibility of a 9th Premier level team made up of former BGSC players.

The Burnaby Canadians FC's inception back was in 1976. The club has won an Imperial Cup (with our VMSL Premier Men's Team) and three National Championships (by our Women's and Metro Youth Boy's Teams). We were a charter member of the Vancouver Metro Men's Soccer League and continue to sponsor our women's programs within the Metro Women's Soccer League. In 2008/2009, the Canadians became a Women's only club and focused on expanding women's programs in the future for independant Burnaby-based women's teams. As part of expanding the program, the Burnaby Canadians FC approached BGSC looking to see if there were ways for the two clubs to work together.

The Burnaby Girls Soccer Club was formed in the 1991/92 season as a group of parents and coaches interested in promoting girls soccer pushed for separation from the existing boys’ clubs in Burnaby. The girls from Edmonds, Burnaby Heights, South Burnaby, and Wesburn soccer clubs joined together under the banner of the Burnaby Girls Soccer Club. Holding as its motto – A Place for Every Girl to Play – the club strives to offer a full program including mini soccer, and at the divisional level – Metro, Gold, Silver and Bronze teams. In recent years, graduating teams from BGSC asked to remain with the club as Women's teams which was fully supported by the club executive. Adding the Burnaby Canadians FC women's teams to the existing BGSC Women's teams will create a vibrant new place for women's soccer in Burnaby.

Over the next year, the two clubs (youth and adult) will work together to merge our programs for women and rebrand the club as the "BGSC Canadians FC". To facilitate this work, Dick Fryatt, President Burnaby Canadians FC has invited Leo de Sousa, President of Burnaby Girls Soccer Club to join the Burnaby Canadians FC board. Look for more exciting announcements over the next year, as our club merges and grows to deliver a full women's soccer program!